((Gosh you guys, Acen was so amazing!  Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by my booth and said hi, and to those who accepted my silly mind control stickers.  I was completely beside myself when I saw that some of the Tavros cosplayers I had harassed into wearing the stickers still had them on their foreheads during the Saturday meetup.  xD

I got to meet the lovely askirlthesummoner and she tolerated my advances enough to allow me to kidnap her and her adorable Tavros cosplayer (Tumblr unknown) for a couple hours so we could take photos together with me and my Vriska.  I’m afraid the damage has been done, since I have been outed for the insipid pile of shippy goo that I really am.

Anyway, thank you everyone who came up and exchanged Tumblrs with me! I’ve got a really busy week ahead so I will be catching up on all the con photos and connections I made more slowly than I would like.  This was super fun and I definitely want to do it again next year! ))

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